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We provide a complete range of Chemical products catering for all Aviation customers. We offer the latest products specified by all Aircraft manufacturers which are all fully traceable to the manufacturer and are supplied with a Conformance Certificate/ Release Note.


Chemical Management
Under Chemical management, Haas provides all chemicals, chemical services, analytical, inventory control, chemical process and information management services through suppliers’ on site personel. It is a team approach that decreases the supplier base, provides increased supplier involvement, defines accountability and immediately reduces cost.

Product Distribution
At any one time we carry up to 15,000 different products as ‘off the shelf’ items. We stock a full portfolio of aviation chemicals and related materials from the world’s most respected suppliers, as well as specialty lines from smaller manufacturers. We also stock a range of products for the automotive and marine engineering industries.

Supply Chain Management
In addition to traditional distribution, Haas offers a unique range of supply chain managed solutions. The managed supply chain solution offered will be different for each customer. In some cases a simple price and inventory availability approach will be suitable, in others, a full Vendor Managed Inventory, or Consignment Inventory program including full systems integration is a better fit. In each case, our team of specialists work closely with the customer to define and develop the best approach for them.
Haas has developed its own off-site vendor managed inventory module that allows a customer to have access to a local inventory of products, paying for only what they use, when they use it. This ensures very high levels of inventory availability whilst reducing the customers’ cost of ownership.

Hazard Communication
With our Hazard Communication Services we can provide the right solution for handling hazardous materials. We have the ability to classify all of your Material Safety Data Sheets into one of 158 chemical classes and 3 hazard labels in accordance with the criteria established by the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, (GHS.) Our web hosted solution features formatted safe-use-guides designed to provide information to employees in a manner that enables them to work more safely and insures that your company maintains compliance with mandated regulations.